Arif Lohar Breaks Into Tears Remembering His Late Father


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Arif Lohar is one of the world’s best-known Punjabi musicians. He continued on his father Alam Lohar’s heritage while also releasing some outstanding tunes of his own. His Jugni, Maa, and the most recent craze, Aa, are all huge hits that people of all ages watch.

Arif Lohar was a guest on Wasi Shah’s show, where he discussed losing his father at the age of ten. He was very close to his father, and losing him was the worst tragedy for him. It was also his first experience with the loss of a loved one, and the grief he feels to this day when he realizes his father is no longer standing behind him.

Here is what he shared:

He mentioned that his father used to remark that even if he was not around, his prayers would always be with him, and Arif Lohar credits his father’s prayers for his current success. He became upset and began sobbing as he recalled him.

This is what he shared:

At another point in the performance, when recalling his father, he was unable to control his emotions since Arif Lohar had lost some of his closest loved ones, his father being the first.

Here is what happened:

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