Arshad Chaiwala Tells Reason For Going International


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In 2016, a youthful and lovely tea vendor made news after a photo of him became popular on social media. Javeria Ali, a local photographer, came up with the idea of posting the image of Islamabad’s Chaiwala on the internet. Javeria Ali stated that she was astounded to discover a blue-eyed, beautiful tea vendor. Arshad Chaiwala became a viral online phenomenon after appearing in Javaria Ali’s photo and amassing a large fan base. People were stunned by his excellent appearance and blue eyes. Social media can transform a regular person into a celebrity, and Arshad Chaiwala is certainly one of them, having become a global sensation.

Arshad Chaiwala recently appeared in Digital Pakistan’s brief chit-chat session. During the session, he discussed converting his small cafe into a worldwide brand.

Talking about it, he said, “I always wanted to launch my brand; although I was satisfied with my small cafe in Islamabad, the reason for launching the international franchises was to take Pakistan to the international level; I didn’t see any Pakistani brand going international since its inception, so I launched and expanded my brand within six months.” I also wanted to generate work for others. I have numerous franchises and want to open more.”

 Here is the link to the video:

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