Naveen Waqar claims divorce is not a happy thing


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Model and actress Naveen Waqar says that divorce is not a happy thing but very scary, but it should also be remembered that it is not the end of the world. Naveen Waqar recently participated in a podcast, where he spoke candidly about various matters including his career.

Talking about the issue of divorce, the actress said that parents should think that their daughter’s life is more important than divorce. He said that parents should train their girls in this way and make them understand that if they are not getting respect, they have to endure violence, then they should have the courage to end the relationship.

The actress said that women also have to understand that if their parents are not ready to keep them at home after divorce, then they will have to make their way. According to Naveen Waqar, believes that God has written everyone’s destiny and everyone’s life has to have the same things that have been written in their destiny, so girls should think about this at the time of divorce. Shouldn’t be worried that if the parents don’t keep them, what will happen?

He said that women should think that if God has brought them out of such great difficulty, then He must have done a lot for them in the future. Speaking further, the actress said that she thinks times have changed, earlier it used to be that the girl was told that her funeral would take place from her in-laws’ house. According to him, in the past, the parents used to leave the girl to die at her in-laws’ house and said that she should not come with a divorce, but now it does not happen.

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