Ashfaque Satti Shares Video Message For Fans After Allegations


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Ashfaque Ishaq Satti is a news anchor who became embroiled in scandal after his second wife accused him of domestic violence. His wife shared images and filed a FIR against him. He has now been granted pre-arrest release, however, he was fired from ARY News, where he worked, due to intense public criticism. He also told several coworkers his version of the event, claiming that his wife was the one hitting him and that when he tried to push her away, she was hurt.

Ashfaque Satti has been in the journalism industry for more than 15 years and is now a well-known figure. He has a third wife. He married Zara Ansari, his ARY colleague.

Ashfaque has now shared his video message with his admirers. He stated that he had arrived at this point in his life via 17 years of hard labor. Ashfaque went on to say that he is particularly upset today since his difficulties have been exposed to the public. He also claimed that individuals were character assassinating him and that he had been transformed into an animal. Ashfaque also stated that Naomika knew about his wife Zara and was at first fine with it, but now she wanted him to divorce her.

He further claimed that Rabia Anum was personally assaulting him, that she never contacted him, and that she began manufacturing false information about him. He stated that if something unpleasant occurs to his family, Rabia Anum would be held guilty since she is inciting people against him and his family.

Here is the link to the video:

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