Allegations of wife violence on TV host Ashfaq Ishaq Sati


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Ashfaq Ishaq Sati was accused by his wife Nomika of the alleged worst-case violence

The TV host’s wife has alleged that her husband tried to kill her on the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of Nomika Ashfaq Ishaq Sati.

The woman’s social media accounts did not explain why her husband tried to kill her but claimed that she was severely tortured, kept in a room for days hungry and thirsty and There were marks of violence all over her body.

Nomika Ashfaq Ahmed, the TV host brought her from her mother’s house while beating her. Where she was imprisoned. made appeals, but not a word was heard from them and they were severely tortured.

it was claimed that after getting her medical check-up at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in Karachi. She was arrested in the Nazimabad police station against her husband under other provisions including torture. Filed a First Information Report (FIR).

Ashfaq Ahmad Sati tried to bring the police under media and pressure so that an FIR would not be registered against him eventually, a case was filed against the TV host but the police have not taken any action yet.

Nomika Ishaq’s social media accounts said that the incident took place on January 22. But despite a case being filed, the police have yet to take any action.

Nomika Ashfaq Ishaq’s account appealed to people for help and wrote that she was a common woman. While Ashfaq Ahmad Sati is an influential TV host, so help her and bring the accused to book.

Nomika Ashfaq Ishaq’s posts were also shared by many journalists and social leaders.

News anchor and TV host Rabia Anam also tweeted Nomika Ishaq’s post, on which Karachi Police commented confirming the incident.

Ashfaq Ahmad Sati has not issued any statement yet, the TV host is being criticized for his wife’s torture.

Here is the link to another video:

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