Asma Abbas On Effect Of Social Media Following On Senior Actresses


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Asma Abbas hails from a remarkable family, and she rose to the top despite starting her acting profession late in life, as her husband had previously forbidden her from doing so. She is skilled, entertaining, and honest about her experiences, and she is always a pleasure to see on film.

Asma was a guest on PTV’s Star and Style, where she discussed the absence of decent TV scripts. She claims that the only parts for older actors are moms dying to marry off their children or agonizing about their divorces. There are no actual tales. She stated that elderly citizens have seen more in life and spoken more experiences, yet screenplays in Pakistan lack these realities.

Here is what she said:

She also frankly discussed how casting decisions are made based on social media following. She stated that the producers even verified the older actresses’ following before casting them in any parts of the dramas. As a senior artist, she has also experienced this.

Listen to what she revealed:

She also stated that she always receives a positive response when she exposes her everyday life or family on YouTube. She stated that people are typically favorable when she shares herself as the real person, but that trolls and unpleasant remarks do occur, which she ignores and disregards.

This is what Asma said:

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