Nimra Mehra’s Sarcastic Response On Aftab Iqbal After Controversy


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Nimra Mehra is a superb Pakistani singer who has been enjoying her newfound stardom with the success of her viral song “Tu Subha di Pak Hawa Warga,” which has received 53 million views on YouTube. Nimra Mehra has a beautiful personality, which has earned her a large social media following. Nimra Mehra is currently playing performances in Pakistan. Aside from that, Nimra Mehra frequently appears on discussion shows and shares her thoughts on a variety of problems. She recently shared her thoughts on prominent presenter Aftab Iqbal, who made waves after Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast with Sohail Ahmed went viral on social media.

Nimra Mehra was featured on a recent Aik News broadcast hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt. Ahmed Ali Butt’s crew showed Aftab Iqbal’s photo on the show during a section in which Namra had to pick her favorite star.

Speaking on Aftab Iqbal, Nimra Mehra stated, “A lot of females already admire him, so! I don’t believe it will matter if I dislike him or don’t select him. He has always had a large female fanbase. I will not select him, even if he is a handsome man since he is not my type. I shall stay with my favorite Jason Momoa because Aftab Iqbal is not my particular fave.” She went on to say that if he made another vlog on Sohail Ahmed, she would never select him. Here’s a link to the video:

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