Atif Aslam Apologizing to God for accidentally singing inappropriate poetry


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Singer Atif Aslam has said that if he has ever accidentally sung a poem based on inappropriate words, he has apologized to God after realizing it later.

In a short video of the singer that has gone viral, Atif Aslam can be seen talking about apologizing to God for his mistakes.

The above video is of an interview given by Atif Aslam a few days ago, in which he discussed various issues.

Atif Aslam said that he has always stood up for wrong things and he has also objected to such things, but if he ever uttered a rude word while singing, then later he repented to God. Apologized.

The singer said that what is wrong is always wrong and he has been seeking forgiveness from God for his mistakes.

Atif also talked about the singers who achieved fame in a short period without working hard and said that in today’s era, no one wants to work hard, everyone wants to get fame in a short period.

He said that there is no single formula to achieve fame, but fame without hard work is short-lived.

He said that now people want to gain fame overnight through artificial scaffolding.

According to Atif Aslam, giving humiliation, honor, and fame is in the hands of God, man only has to work hard.

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