Zara Noor Abbas’ emotional post on husband receiving an award


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After her husband actor Asad Siddiqui received an award after 14 years of career, actress Zara Noor Abbas praised her husband in an emotional post.

The actress said in an Instagram story that her husband was honored with an award for his hard work at an award show four days after his father’s death and her husband named the award after his father.

The actress said in the post that her husband worked hard for 14 years in the industry, after which he was given the award.

Zara Noor Abbas said that her husband remained strong and determined after the death of his father and not only participated in the award show but also presented the award in the name of the late father and his family.

Asad Siddiqui also gave an emotional speech while receiving the award and said that his father passed away three days before receiving the award and that it was because of his father that he got the award.

In his short speech, the actor named the award to his father, sisters, brother, and wife actress Zara Noor Abbas.

Asad Siddiqui was given the National Leaders Award for his outstanding role in the drama Tumhar Hasan Ki Naam, along with his wife Zara Noor Abbas was also given the award for the drama Jhoom.

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