Azfar Ali On The Possibility Of A Third Marriage


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Azfar Ali is now a senior in the profession, having worked in a variety of positions including actor, director, and producer. He has also been an excellent host and enjoys working with new thoughts and ideas. Azfar Ali is also the creator of the cult classic Sab Set Hai, and his personal life has been the subject of much speculation for several reasons.

Azfar was formerly married to Salma Hassan, and the pair had a lovely daughter. They got divorced, and Azfar Ali married again. Naveen Waqar, his second wife, had recently come off a Humsafar success high. Things did not work out, and the couple split up. Azfar is now single and focuses on his job.

Azfar was a guest on a show, and he discussed the possibilities of finding love again. Azfar stated that he has seen a few people in recent years, but relationship expectations have altered significantly. Women become more territorial, and their expectations are greater. He said that if he asks a single question, a woman may believe he is attempting to control her life. Azfar stated that he is at a point in his life when he does not wish to manipulate others. He will just be searching for a company in his life.

Here is what he said on the possibility of a third marriage:

He also discussed being a single father. He stated that he was the son of a single mother and understood the importance of having a father in a child’s life. He went on to say that he spends a lot of time with his kid, but only his daughter and ex-wife know how terrific a father he is.

This is what Azfar shared:

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