Is Farah Iqrar Jealous Of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Other Wives


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Farah Iqrar is a notable Pakistani host and news anchor best known for her spouse, Iqrar Ul Hassan, a well-known television star. Farah Iqrar is also a talented YouTuber who is now creating daily routine vlogs. She also conducts interviews on her YouTube account. Farah Iqrar usually does interviews for local YouTube channels. Farah Iqrar Ul Hassan is now making news following her husband’s third marriage to Aroosa Khan.

She just appeared on GNN News’ special podcast. In the podcast, Farah Iqrar discussed her relationship with her husband’s past wives. She stated that she has always had a close relationship with Ainnie, but they no longer meet. She also shared her views on Qurat Ul Ain and Aroosa.

Responding to the inquiry, “Do you feel jealous of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s other wives?” She explained, “I am a different person. I do not think like a regular human being. I’ve always thought differently; even as a youngster, I never relied on my parents for basic requirements. I always wanted to be an independent woman, which I am now because I believe that only you can better fulfill your dreams. Similarly, I have never relied on my husband and have not associated my needs with him; I feel good when he meets my needs, and I have no insecurities or jealousy otherwise. I am a very quiet, safe, and focused person, which is why I am constantly at ease.”

Here’s the link to the video:

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