Bado Badi Fame Wajdan Rao Speaks Up Against Chahat Fateh Ali Khan


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Wajdan Rao Ranghar is a new social media sensation who rose to prominence after Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s blockbuster song Bado Badi received over 23 million views on YouTube within a month of its release. Wajdan Rao became well-known after modeling in Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s hit song. Fans appreciated their on-screen chemistry as well, but the two are no longer speaking. Both are also doing interviews with one another.

Wajdan Rao has recently given interviews to numerous YouTube channels, claiming that Chahat Fateh Ali Khan did not compensate her well for her performances.

Wajdan Rao, who appeared in Bado Badi, said to News Alert that he was already involved in modeling before the film. I and Chahat Fateh Ali Khan both put our all into the Bado Badi song, and it went viral because of us, but now he’s grabbing all the credit himself; he’s thinking big of himself, and ego wrecks people.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan claims it is popular because of him, yet the song went viral because of my performance and his singing, but he is hogging all of the attention and fame. It wasn’t a project for me; it was simply for fun. I blocked Chahat Fateh Ali Khan and decided not to work with him on any future projects. He obviously didn’t pay me properly; he thinks $5,000 is a lot of money. “He’s just making big claims about the payments.”

On another occasion, when speaking with YouTuber Iqrar, Wajdan Rao stated that he did not pay her a fair sum for the song. Wajdan Rao made fun of his remuneration for the song.

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