Real Life Ishq Zah e Naseeb Story


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Ishq Zah e Naseeb was a show that explored an undiscovered aspect of mental health. This topic had never been addressed in this way before, and the drama’s writing and all of the performers’ performances elevated it to the level of mastery. Zahid Ahmed was the show’s standout performer, perfectly embodying the characters of Sameer and Sameerah. Zahid portrayed a man with two identities, one of which was a lady named Sameerah. This resulted from the troubles and trauma he had as a child.

The drama depicts a situation in which Zahid Ahmed dresses up as a woman for his wedding night and how traumatized his bride, represented by Sonya Hussyn, becomes.

In the most recent episode of Good Morning Pakistan, a woman from a marriage bureau explained how this happened to one of her clients. The woman married into a very good family, and her spouse subsequently appeared in a feminine wedding dress, which surprised her. This happened to her multiple times when she involved her parents, who were astonished to see their son-in-law dressed as a woman and taking their daughter home.

Here is what happened with the real Gohar and Sameer:

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