Bee Gul Exposes Reality Of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry


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Bee Gul is considered one of Pakistani television’s top storytellers. Her writing, the strokes of truth weaved into the lines, and how hard-hitting and relevant her writing make her presence significant in Pakistani drama and general story-telling. She has authored some fantastic scripts, including Talkhiyaan, Raqeeb Se, and Dar Si Jati Hai Sila. She is a feminist at heart, and she speaks honestly about significant issues because she believes that debates are necessary to tear down taboos.

Bee Gul was a guest on Rafay Mehmood’s show, where she discussed the exploitation that occurs behind the scenes. She stated that, certainly, women who enter the profession expect to be approached for exploitation. This is the reality, and we cannot take our gaze away from it. In many situations, starlets accept these offers because they are aware of their potential, and if they do not accept these offers from producers or directors, they will not be able to obtain possibilities in the industry and society’s recognized age bracket. She also related the story of a buddy, who was not receiving the big roles because she wasn’t ready.

Here is what she said:

Bee Gul went on to say that she had received many proposals throughout the years. A condo in New York or Dubai, or a 7-star holiday, are usual incentives, but she made it a point not to accept any of them, despite receiving several offers.

This is what she revealed very candidly:

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