Iftikhar Ahmad Usmani Breaks Into Tears Opposing Love Marriages


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Iftikhar Usmani is a writer and actress best known for playing Kamali in the highly acclaimed film Parizaad. He is also a YouTuber who shares many aspects of his daily routine with the globe. iftikhar has worked hard as an artist to establish himself, and he has been involved in some truly amazing projects. He was a guest on a podcast and became upset when discussing his views on love weddings in Pakistan.

Iftikhar Usmani discussed the sacrifices mothers make for their children. She discussed his wife’s pregnancy and how terrible it is for a woman to endure physically when giving birth, as well as the aches she experiences while breastfeeding. He questioned how a child could love someone else more than the mother who bore him.

He is adamantly opposed to the concept of love marriages, claiming that a woman is never respected in such partnerships and that these weddings frequently end in a nasty divorce. Iftikhar stated that he was never bold enough to oppose his parents in this respect and feels that their choice should be followed for marriage.

This is what he said:

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