Bushra Ansari Reveals Bond With Her Husband’s Children


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Bushra Ansari recently announced her marriage to Iqbal Hussain on her Vlog. The industry veteran said that they had been married for a few years, but she chose not to discuss her marriage in order to escape social censure. She believed it was time for her admirers to meet her spouse.

Bushra Ansari stated in her newest Vlog that it is OK to marry someone with an age gap. She stated that her spouse is a very mature man, which helped as well. She also stated that a marriage never ends happily and that she and Iqbal had troubles in their previous relationships, but they never discussed their ex-marriages with one other.

Here is what she said:

She also discussed her closeness with her husband’s children. She stated that her spouse has two adult boys who are now studying in Canada. She said that her own daughter lives in the same neighborhood, and they have a close relationship with her daughter. Bushra added that her grandson is comparable in age to the children, which has helped them bond.

This is what she shared:

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