Interview Clip That Made Sahiba’s Meeting With Father Possible


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Sahiba is a well-known and brilliant Pakistani performer who has recently made news of her reunion with her long-lost biological father. The star made headlines after releasing stunning photos and rare moments from her first encounter with her father. Sahiba and her father became the buzz of the town after she released a thorough meeting vlog with her father to her YouTube account. The vlog was covered by nearly every media outlet and social media platform. Sahiba’s mother, Nisho, also spoke openly about her ex-husband.

Previously, the actress was open about her father’s absence in her life. She mentioned it in several interviews, including Wasi Shah’s latest show Zabaradast, which finally led to Sahiba and her father meeting.

Sahiba spoke up on Wasi Shah’s show Zabaradast about her father, who had never seen her in real life. Speaking about it, Sahiba stated, “I never had the opportunity to speak since my father abandoned me when I was born. When I get the opportunity to meet my father, I will express my feelings fully. I was never like that, and I never missed him, but now I feel like he should be with me. My entire life has passed, yet I feel like there were times when he should have been with me. I didn’t remember him since I hadn’t seen him. I’ll question him whenever I see him, ‘When will you leave me again’.

Here is the link to the video:

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