Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Hints At Bado Badi 2


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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has recently emerged as a very popular social media sensation, with a large fan base from all over the world with his recent viral song Bado Badi. He is well-known for his amusing singing and comedic flair. He is Pakistani but also holds a British passport. In the United Kingdom, he played cricket, drove for Uber, and worked at other occupations. Recently, he gained news for his famous song Bado Badi, which has received 28 million views. Following its tremendous success, the song was withdrawn by the original creators due to copyright issues.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan recently posted a video on his YouTube page in which he thanked his supporters from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. He stated that he is honored to have the love of his fans. Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has hinted at other projects, including a film, songs, and Bado Badi 2.

When asked about Bado Badi 2, he stated, “I have many upcoming projects ready to be released.” I’m making a movie called Sabaq, which you may view on my YouTube channel. Aside from that, I want to release six tracks, including Bado Badi 2. It will include a fresh and stunning model. I’ll be working with new models, and many individuals are eager to collaborate with me today. Thank you, everyone.

Here’s a link to the video:

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