Dr Affan Qaiser Calls Out Family Vloggers


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YouTube’s popularity has grown steadily in Pakistan. Trends that are popular throughout the world have spread to Pakistan, and family Vlogging is the most recent example. Many of today’s largest YouTubers are family vloggers who make a lot of money from their videos. Dr. Affan Qaiser is also a content producer, and this is what he is most known for, not his medical degree. He conducts podcasts and commentaries on everything going on in the country, and he recently gave his thoughts on family vlogging and sending children to Ramadan broadcasts.

On Ahmed Fozan’s show, Affan Qaiser discussed Shirazi Village Vlogs and stated that the family may have received considerable money for sending the child to ARY, which is OK. However, in our nation, family Vlogging is becoming more popular, and people are sharing their pregnant adventures, so 5-year-old children may begin posting films of their houses to make money, which would be horrible.

Dr. Affan Qaiser’s viewpoint elicited varied reactions, with some believing he is correct and others criticizing him for portraying Shiraz negatively because he is not a family Vlogger and simply displays nature and his hamlet.

This is what Dr. Affan Qaiser said:

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