Ducky Bhai’s Response On Wife’s Deep Fake AI Video


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Saad Rehman, commonly known as Ducky Bhai, is Pakistan’s most popular YouTuber, with a massive 6.96 million subscribers. Fans like Ducky Bhai’s daily family vlogs. Ducky’s wife, Aroob Jatoi, has also become a social media sensation due to her active engagement on the platform. Aroob Jatoi is also popular among Ducky’s subscribers. Most fans claim to only watch Ducky’s vlog because of Aroob and Ducky’s adorable banter.

Recently, the pair has fallen victim to the massive phony video leak incident. Someone created a deepfake video of Aroob Jatoi and put it on the internet. The video became viral on social media channels, prompting Ducky Bhai to take action. Not only that, Ducky described how the deep fake video was created. Aroob Jatoi stated, “I got in front of the camera to discuss this matter because I wanted other females to be secure and alert against similar cybercrimes. Ducky Bhai and his wife also discussed the threats they received for sharing their film on this. Ducky has also promised ten lac rupees for the person who would assist him locate the guy who created his wife’s deep fake As video.

First, see the vlog:

According to the most recent developments, YouTuber Saad Rehman has found the model’s original account, which was utilized to create a deep fake video. The YouTuber did not infringe on the account holder’s privacy and demonstrated his innocence in a brief Facebook video.

Here’s the link supplied by Saad Rehman, alias Ducky Bhai:

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