Is Aftab Iqbal Doing A Show With Kapil Sharma


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Aftab Iqbal is a presenter, journalist, and writer. He is in exile in Dubai owing to unforeseen circumstances, and he just got into a heated argument with Sohail Ahmed. The two engaged in a public battle of words, and everyone had an opinion on the situation. Aftab Iqbal just spoke with Suno Digital and shared his thoughts on a variety of topics.

When asked about the argument with Sohail Ahmed, Aftab stated it was simply something he had to respond to. He has a great connection with Sohail Ahmed and wishes they could have discussed it together on a forum. He still considers himself a fantastic artist, but he felt some claims needed to be addressed, so he created a video.

Here is what he said:

He also discussed his potential cooperation with Kapil Sharma and whether something is in the works. He explained that a producer and a mutual buddy wanted to stage a Team Kapil and Team Aftab show together in Dubai. They were also planned to meet in Dubai, but owing to unforeseen circumstances, it did not work out.

This is what he said:

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