Fahad Sheikh Was Scared To Meet Star Mother In Law


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Fahad Sheikh is a completely self-made actor. He began as a host and has since worked on networks such as Style 360, as well as hosting other events. He eventually became interested in performing and gradually gained an audience. Fahad Sheikh has been in several successful plays, but he first gained attention in Jalan, where he portrayed a strong role. He is now in Takkabur, which is receiving positive reviews.

Fahad Sheikh is also married and the father of two children. He has always stated that his family is his top focus, and his wife is the support system that has propelled him to his present level of prominence.

Many people are unaware that Fahad Sheikh is married to singer Shahida Mini’s daughter. He is self-made, however, and his mother-in-law plays no role in his career. Fahad spoke on Ayaz Samoo’s show and discussed how he was nervous about meeting his famous mother-in-law for the first time.

He claimed that his mother-in-law exudes the atmosphere, and that meeting her was not like a film. In actual life, it was rather terrifying, but she believed he was a decent person, and everything worked out.

This is what he shared.

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