Legendary Artist Shabnam Gets Emotional During A Show In Pakistan


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There was a golden moment in the Pakistani film business when we produced the greatest storylines that Bollywood emulated. Pakistani cinema stars were equally popular in other nations as they were in their own. People used to follow the stars, and seeing them even once was a dream come true for millions. Shabnam is a great artist from that time. Her collaboration with Nadeem Baig is well-known, and she has produced several blockbusters during her career.

Shabnam spoke at an event in Pakistan on how delighted she was to be there. She described how she immediately answered yes when she was asked to attend the event. She explained that she worked in Pakistan for years before moving to Bangladesh, previously East Pakistan, to spend time with her family.

Here’s what she shared:

Shabanam Jee’s husband, Robin Ghosh, is a well-known Pakistani music icon who has collaborated with several major stars. dad was a legend in his way, and Shabnam burst into tears when she realized Dad wasn’t with her when she visited Pakistan this time.

Here is what she stated:

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