Fatima Effendi-Ahmed Ali Butt React To Durefishan’s Claims


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Durefishan Saleem is the latest emerging star of Pakistan’s theater industry. She has just reached the ranks of top actresses, having appeared in advertising and fashion campaigns, as well as discussing the scrutiny she faced on the internet as an actor.

While speaking at an event, Durefishan mentioned that she has seen that most people search for “Durefishan Hot” on the internet rather than her work. She discussed the mindset that actresses must maintain while working in the media.

The comment was brought up for debate on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show, and he stated that he disagrees with it because when you expose yourself to the media and work on the screen, you will be examined, and you must be prepared for it. Fatima Effendi concurred, saying she must have believed so since when you type your name into Google, various ideas appear, and she assumed that people were looking for her attractive pictures.

This is what they said:

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