Saud And Javeria On Why Divorces Have Increased


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Saud Qasmi and Javeria Saud are a long-term celebrity couple. Saud was a cinema star, whereas Javeria had previously worked in television. They had an arranged marriage and are now parents of two beautiful children. In recent years, we have seen many couples split within months of marriage, whereas Saud and Javeria represent stability.

On Madeha Naqvi’s show, they discussed how nice a spouse Saud has been and how Javeria hopes her daughter Jannat finds someone like him. They also discussed how many marriages are breaking up these days and how the old system of arranged weddings was superior in several ways, which also worked for them.

Javeria joked that in many situations, people marry again inside their friends’ circles, which ends up being the reason they divorce. Saud, on the other hand, believes that expectations have risen to an unsustainable level. His marriage was arranged, as was the case in the past, and they took the time to learn from each other and did not set unrealistic expectations, which worked in their favor.

Here is what the couple talked about:

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