Mohammad Rizwan’s Love Story Will Melt Your Hearts


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Mohammad Rizwan is a popular cricketer. His attention to his game and enthusiasm for cricket are unparalleled. Mohammad Rizwan is a team player, and despite the fact that the entire team is embroiled in controversy, Mohammad Rizwan stands tall, and people still love him as much as they did before all of the ups and downs began. He is also a proud girl dad, with three lovely children. His wife observes Pardah and does not appear in front of the camera.

Mohammad Rizwan is preparing for the T20 World Cup, but before that, he participated in a fundraising alongside skipper Babar Azam. What they weren’t expecting was to learn about Rizwan’s amazing love story. He is a Pushtoon, and love marriages are not widely celebrated in his society. Thus, he had to wait eight years to marry his wife. He prayed for his love every day for eight years, and he eventually got it. He believes that Allah will always be on your side.

Here is the beautiful love story:

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