Faysal Quraishi’s Response To His Mother’s Recent Viral Statement


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Faysal Quraishi is a well-known Pakistani actor who is praised for his acting abilities. The actor has given several amazing performances in popular Pakistani drama serials. His favorite Pakistani drama serials are Boota From Toba Tek Singh, Qaid E Tanhai, Meri Zaat Zarra E Be Nishan, Main Abdul Qadir Hoon, Bashar Momin, Fitoor, Rang Laga, Haiwan, Sabz Pari Laal Kabootar, Aap Ke Liye, and Bheegi Palkain. Faysal Quraishi has recently been popular in the dramas Khaie and Zulm, which received high ratings and views.

Today, Faysal Quraishi participated in Sama TV’s discussion show Meri Saheli via phone call, where he analyzed social media users’ attention-seeking behavior. He also replied to his mother Afshan Qureshi’s newest viral comment.

When asked why individuals post harsh comments and the mother’s viral statement, Faysal Quraishi responded, “Social media users or pages intentionally share such content about you so that you become angry, and when you confront them, they say we only need your attention.” Also, currently, pages, portals, and applications require hits, traffic, and likes. I don’t believe so; people pay attention to positive things. People will always be drawn to unpleasant news. I was giggling at the viral post and forbade my mother from responding to it, but she did. I believe people who are discussing it are individuals who have never been reprimanded by their moms or whose mothers have never become furious with them.

This is the link to the video:

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