Anzela Abbasi And Tashfeen Ansari Reveal Details About Their Marriage


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Anzela Abbasi is the daughter of Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi, both prominent performers. She married Tashfeen Ansari, a relationship therapist by profession, a year ago. The newlyweds appeared on Nida Yasir’s show and told the story of their marriage and love.

Anzela claimed that she met Tashfeen when visiting Hunza with a large group of friends. That’s when they became friends, but they stopped communicating regularly and just met on occasion. They finally met after two years, and they hit it off. Tashfeen knew he wanted Anzela in his life and eventually told her he liked her. Anzela also liked him, and things went well after that. Both their parents were overjoyed for them, and Javeria Abbasi adored Tashfeen for Anzela.

This is what she said:

They picked each other as life mates because they were emotionally compatible. They could relate to one another’s experiences, and they realized they could spend their lives together.

Here is what they shared:

They also discussed the bullying Anzela had to endure for wearing a white bridal gown. She stated that she is aware that red does not suit her and that her family had advised her not to wear a red dress, but she went ahead and enjoyed her wedding. She also discussed how people troll others during weddings, and how awful it is to inflict someone’s misery on their special day.

This is what Anzela said:

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