Imran Ashraf Wins Hearts With Sweet Audience Interaction


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Imran Ashraf is a popular actor known for his work, talent, and approach toward his fans. He has recently ventured into a new area as a host for Mazaq Raat Season 2, where he has interviewed numerous well-known Pakistani celebrities. His performance features a special portion when he interacts with the crowd and allows artists to display their ability.

Imran had a lovely chat with one of the audience members during a recent show with Sarwat Gilani as a guest. There was a particular youngster with Down Syndrome who came to Mazaq Raat, and she is a fan of Imran after seeing Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Imran spoke with her and summoned her to the platform so the two could meet, and it was a pleasant meeting.

Imran provided her the opportunity to talk with a family member who translated for her. She also chatted to all of the other members of the show and even invited them to supper because she was so lovely. The encounter will undoubtedly melt your heart.

Here is what went down on the show:

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