Fazila Qazi Reveals Insecurities Of Actors


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Fazila Qazi has been working in the profession for thirty years. She became an instant success with the audience the moment she appeared on the screen. Fazila has been in several historical projects, and the public has always recognized her beauty and brilliance. She is also a family lady who has always valued her husband and boys above all else. Fazila Qazi was a guest on Maliha Rehman’s show, and she shared her emotions.

She is one of those actors who never hesitates to call a spade a spade, regardless of the repercussions. She has long spoken out against nepotism and industry camps, as well as how acceptable performers are never allowed to play certain roles. She also discussed the insecurities actresses have in the profession.

According to Fazila, competitiveness and anxieties have always existed in the sector. In the past, seniors would crush juniors as if they were Pharaohs. The tables have turned, but she has seen it all. Bribing authors with clothes in exchange for meatier speech or reducing someone else’s part. She also mentioned how some actresses are jealous of your looks and would attempt to bring you down by snatching your makeup artist and such.

Here is what she said:

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