Poet Anwar Masood’s Emotional Revealing True Story Behind Maa


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Anwar Masood is one of Pakistan’s most respected literary figures. Although he is a Persian professor, he is most known for his Punjabi poetry. In his poetry, he discusses society’s double standards, the loss of civilization, and societal duty, yet he does it in a lighthearted and humorous manner. Anwar was a guest on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, where he discussed his renowned poem Maa and how it is more than simply poetry, but a true narrative.

He explained that after graduation, he was teaching at a school in Kunjah when he witnessed the incident involving the two boys, Akram and Basheer. He was touched and emotional by the event, so he composed a poem about it, and Maa is inspired by a true story.

Anwar revealed that even after 50 years, he still feels upset and teary-eyed when he begins reading this poetry, as does anybody who listens. He also cried all night when he was composing it.

Here is the poem and its reality by Anwar:

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