Foreigner Bhabhi Wins Over Pakistanis


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The habit of Pakistani males marrying foreign women is fairly ancient. Several renowned Pakistani celebrities have previously married foreigners. We’ve also seen international bhabhis embrace Pakistani culture. Recently, some Pakistani males have made news of marrying foreigners. Many of these couples have trended on social media.

Another Pakistani man is currently getting viral on Facebook with his foreign wife, who speaks Urdu fluently and seems desi based on her dress.

The footage was uploaded on the Facebook page Fatta Fat. In the video, the foreign lady’s husband stated that he met her in England and they later married. The couple has two gorgeous children. The foreign woman stated that she picked a Pakistani man because she admired his pure heart and attractive attitude. She also stated that she has a wonderful relationship with her sister-in-law, who is compassionate and loving toward her. The overseas bhabhi sent a message to Pakistanis to live happy lives. She stated, “I adore everything about Pakistan, especially the Islamic culture, the call to prayer, which I also provide, and the close-knit families there. I adore Pakistan, and I’ll be departing tomorrow after three months here. “I’ll miss Pakistan.”

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