Graphic liners to cut-out accents: Five fashion trends that should be a staple in 2023


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2022 saw a big shift in the global fashion scene and we can safely say that it was all worth it. The focus was on feeling good about yourself again and giving into kingliness, by decorating ourselves with jewels and painting our bodies like art. It’s no news that fashion trends revive themselves after every many times, but it’s intriguing how an ensemble of them came back to produce the perfect bold and voluptuous look that prioritises comfort above all.

From leaving skinny jeans for baggy pants to jilting the traditional winged liner for further graphic aesthetics , then’s a tip of all the “ hipsterism ” fashion that’s likely staying this time as well – and hopefully for good.

Bye-bye skinny jeans

2020, the year of the pandemic, made pyjamas look cool and ever since then, it seems like we’ve forgotten how to wear anything tight again. What started from mom jeans has now introduced a variety of pant styles — but on one condition; they have to be loose, breathing, and chic. From bootcut pants to baggy bell bottoms and wide-flared leggings, there are options for everyone and absolutely no space for skinny jeans anymore. The loose pant look is also paired really well with the already existing trend of co-ord sets and bodysuits.

Let your eyes speak

Statement looks do not constitute designer outfits or exposed skin anymore. All you need is some coloured eyeliners to personalise your own energy through your eyes. From pastels to metallic to shimmery and neon, the possibilities are endless as to how much more you can speak with your eyes than just a winged eyeliner – which was honestly such a skill test always! Aren’t we relieved?

Jewels everywhere

Long gone are the times when jewellery meant only earrings, necklaces and anklets. Now, there are jewels for all areas of your body and our favourite this year was the revival of belly chains and eye jewels! From Hailey Beiber to Janhvi Kapoor, the belly chain can really take your look to a ten with its delicate and sensual outlook. We saw celebs and influencers wear them on regular outfits as they’d do with anklets and it certainly gives an edge to the whole look. There were also moments when people resorted to beads and diamonds around the eyelids to add that oomph factor to their looks!


While this was a concept long trending in Hollywood, 2022 witnessed designers taking inspiration from asymmetrical cutouts in western silhouettes and incorporating the trend into desi clothes. From heart necklines out of triangle cutouts and heart-shaped peeks in sweaters, there are so many ways you can cut an outfit in the right places to bring out a chic output. It’s like ripped jeans all over again – but classy!

From Ayesha Omar and Mahira Khan to Deepika Padukone, Jenna Ortega and Rihanna, the best-dressed this year at awards, galas, festivals, and more were people who chose dresses with cut-out accents.

Twirl it away

Have you seen pictures of grandmothers wearing these long flowy dresses with floral prints and tiny geometrical patterns? Did you ever think that was fashionable? Well, now it is! Summer was about long gowns and beachy dresses in subtle prints and symmetrical patterns but what we didn’t know was that the trend would stay and eastern wear would also adapt to it. From chikankari dresses to embroidered traditional gowns, it’s time to twirl your problems away.

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