Hadiqa Kayani succeeded in constructing 100 houses for flood victims

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Well-known Pakistani singer and social activist Hadiqa Kayani has succeeded in building 100 houses for flood victims.

Hadiqa Kayani has constructed 100 houses in a village of Tehsil Tambo of Naseerabad district of Balochistan.

While talking to the media in this regard, he said that under the campaign that I started under the name of ‘Wasila Rah’, 100 houses were constructed for the victims as well as a school, a mosque, a maternity home and a A grocery store has also been built for Shaheed’s 12-year-old son.

He said that now we will construct about 200 more houses in the second tehsil Kundi area of this area, which earlier cost about two and a half lakh rupees per room but now the inflation has increased so it will cost three and a half lakh rupees per room. There will be a cost.

He appealed to the people and said that the way we have built these 100 houses with the help of you people, the rest of the houses will also be built with the help of you people, God willing.

It should be noted that Hadiqa Kayani started relief work for the victims immediately after the flood.

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