Until I get married, I will not share anything about this, Aima Beg


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Aima Baig, the versatile singer of Pakistan music industry, in her recent interview, while talking about various aspects of life, said that she will not share anything with anyone until marriage.

The singer participated as a guest in the game show organized regarding the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

In the said show, he explained in response to a question from the host regarding dating, saying that I am single now, but I have learned from past bitter experience not to share anything on social media because then it is not ours. Lived

He also said that if an artist shares something with his fans on social media, then the artist is accused of making his life public.

She said that she is still very happy but when she decides to get married, she will go straight to the mosque, get married and share a picture with the ring. Will not share anything on social media before this.

During the show, he again called his new song ‘Washmle’ in the name of Balochi culture and Balochi and said that Balochi is a very sweet language, their traditions and customs are very beautiful, this song pays tribute to them.

A clip of Aima Baig from this game show is also going viral on social media, in which she talked about re-rendering the song ‘Kahani Suno’ of fellow singer Kafi Khalil in her voice during the interview.

Aima Beg said in the video clip about Kafi Khalil that “that guy is just full of talent, very humble and a good person”.

The singer said that Kefi Khalil himself called her after listening to the song and praised her saying that after your song, people have started to know the original song more, earlier people did not listen that much, but now people are on YouTube. Going and listening to my version too’.

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