Hammad Shoaib’s Perfect Dance Moves on Vicky Kaushal’s Recent Viral Film Song


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The upcoming film Zara Hatke, starring Sara Ali Khan and Bollywood superstar Vickey Kaushal Songs by Zara Bachke are now prevalent in Pakistan. The well-known Bollywood songs Tu Chahiye, Tere Vaste, and Gaddian Uchia Rakhain are frequently utilized in Instagram clips. The popular songs have had the Indians in a frenzy, and now Pakistanis are grooving to them as well. Following Vicky Kaushal’s video, the song Gaddian Uchia Rakhain became highly popular in Pakistan. Here is the famous video, though.

Hammad Shoaib, a talented dancer, and actor from Pakistan, joined the mania by dancing to the popular song Gaddian Uchia Rakhain. He has demonstrated some excellent dance moves. The actor is already well-known for his flawless grooving to popular songs. On the famous song, Hammad Shoaib thoroughly liked dancing.

Fans praised both his dancing and attempt. He was compared to Vicky Kaushal as being superior. He’s attempting to be Vicky Kaushal, one social media user remarked, to which Hammad responded, “No, don’t assume.” Many people thought Hammad Shoaib ought to be given the opportunity to dance at award ceremonies. The dance was a hit with Imran Ashraf. A few folks also said unfavorable things.

Watch the complete video of Hammad Shoaib and Vicky Kaushal Dance:

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