Hareem Shah appeared while discussing the indecent videos and serious allegations


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Pakistan’s controversial TikToker Hareem Shah opened up about her life in a recent interview and said, “My husband has a lot of faith in me,” as she delves into recent controversies and viral videos.

Hareem Shah took his critics and said that those who say that my videos went viral was a mockery, then I will say to them that I had no fault in whoever’s videos I made viral. Be it Mufti Qavi or Sheikh Rasheed, those people were wrong so they remained silent despite being in power while there were many agencies like Cybercrime, FIA which they could have contacted.

She added that I can’t see anything wrong with anyone’s mother, sister, daughter. I felt what I did was right, so I won’t say that what happened to me was a scandal.

Hareem Shah said that he kept Sandal Khattak with him like sisters in Lahore, Karachi and Dubai and pierced the plate in which she ate.

He said that Ayesha Naz and Sandal Khattak were using my phone sometimes I used to use their phone as in normal houses but Ayesha Naz sent money from my account to her account without my knowledge.

He said that both of them cheated me every time, Sandal Khattak stayed with me for 7 to 8 years but I never saw her fasting, praying, she does not know how to read a single word of Quran, she picked fake Quran, fifth. After getting education up to Jamaat, she says on the media what is Inter.

He further said that this girl has nothing to do with Islam, she used to say that if she had to join an anti-Islamic organization to become famous, she would do it, and today she is holding the cover of the Kaaba to gain people’s sympathy. is posting pictures and accusing me of fake marriage, child abandonment and mother of a daughter.

Meanwhile Hareem Shah got emotional and started crying, meanwhile she said that she is truthful and will file a defamation case against Sandal Khattak against these allegations.

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