Sana Khan and Mufti Anas announced about the arrival of the little guest


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Former Indian actress Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Anas, who avoided Bollywood for the sake of Islam, soon announced the arrival of a new guest.

While giving an interview to a foreign media channel, Mufti Anas announced the arrival of the little guest soon.

During the show, Sana Khan recalled her past days regarding prayer and its acceptance. So I would like to share my story with such people that when I was working in Bollywood, one day I was sitting in the Haram Sharif and suddenly a prayer came out of my heart that O Allah, when I have a child, I will give it to her. I will make you a scholar.

He said that at that time I did not know that I will leave Bollywood for Islam, my prayer has not been accepted after so many years, inshallah it will definitely be accepted in the future.

On this mention of Sana Khan, the host of the show asked a question about the arrival of the little guest, to which Mufti Anas replied, “I have not said this in any other show before, I am telling it in your show that Insha.” A small guest is expected to arrive here during the days of Allah’s Hajj.

Sana Khan added that becoming a mother is a very beautiful feeling for her and she is also emotionally attached to this feeling as she has faced many ups and downs in life.

They told the host’s question that they don’t have twins but only one and they are anxious to take him in their arms.

He said that his child is expected to be born in June this year.

It should be remembered that in early February, Sana Khan shared the pictures of Umrah and wrote that ‘Alhamdulillah I am very happy, this Umrah is very special for some reasons, which I will share with everyone very soon’.

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