Hina Afridi About Make Up in Dramas


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Hina Afridi is a young, brilliant, and developing Pakistani actress who is well-known for her natural beauty and exceptional acting abilities. Hina started on television with the drama series Pehli Si Mohabbat. She began her career as a beauty blogger before transitioning into modeling. Before acting, she worked as a model for several companies. Her role as Bushra in Pehli Si Mohabbat became well-known. She is now receiving recognition for her role as Reshma in Akhara. Fans also adored her in Kacha Dhaaga, with Usama Khan. Hina has a fantastic relationship with actress Maya Ali, who introduced her to the media sector.

Recently, the actress was featured on Fuchsia Magazine’s YouTube program, presented by Rabia Mughni. During the presentation, she discussed a variety of topics, including her brother Shoaib Khan, a renowned Pakistani makeup artist. She also stated that she dislikes make-up and does not use it in plays.

When asked about it, she stated, “I don’t like using make-up at all. I don’t enjoy getting ready. My father constantly believes that less is more, and I agree. I have not utilized a basis in any of my dramas since I dislike it. “Yes, I use blush.” Hina also stated that she does not seek advice from her brother and make-up artist Shoaib Khan.

Here’s a link to the video:

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