How Shahzad Sheikh’s Family Lived Together After Parents Divorced


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Shahzad Sheikh is a talented actor and a devoted family man. He hails from a celebrity family and is the son of Javed Sheikh, a famed actor and filmmaker. Shahzad Sheikh came from a shattered household; his parents parted when he was a toddler, and he had a rough time in life. He has remained resilient and has managed to provide for his family.

Shahzad Sheikh and Momal Sheikh have brought their family together, and they now stand united after many struggles. In an interview with Ahmad Ali Butt, Shahzad Sheikh discussed how his mother, Zeenat Mangi, played a crucial part in their upbringing. She would send them to Lahore to remain with their father, and this is how the siblings became close to their father and relatives.

He said that his family now lives together, with his father on the ground floor and his mother on the first story. Here’s what he shared.

He also offered counsel to families with children who desire to divorce. He suggested that they include children and explain the problem to them. They must discuss it as a family, which will make it simpler for everyone rather than causing toxicity and delaying the inevitable.

This is Shahzad’s advice:

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