Sahiba Meets Her Father For The First Time


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Sahiba was a talented Pakistani cinema performer who began working in the profession as a teenager. She has produced several successful Pakistani films. Sahiba comes from a film family, since her mother, Nisho Begum, was a well-known film performer during her time. After delivering a few blockbuster films, Sahiba married her co-star Afzal Khan, popularly known as Jan Rambo. They now have two adult boys. Their perfect coupling is adored by fans.

Sahiba recently met with her father for the first time. She informed admirers that it was the first time she had met with her true father. In prior interviews, Sahiba disclosed that her stepfather reared him. She uploaded several Instagram photos with her father. Sahiba said that he “met my father for the first time in my life”. Here are the amazing photographs that Sahiba shared:

Sahiba stated that on March 11th, she met her father Imam Rabbani for the first time in her life, which was a unique and emotional moment for her. She stated that she did not want to publish the video, but is now doing so for her followers because she had already informed them about her father in other interviews.

Here is the link to the video:

She once spoke openly about the absence of her father in her life. Sahiba revealed that she was reared by a stepfather and felt affection for him:

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