Hamza Amin On Wife Ushna Shah’s Showbiz Career


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Hamza Amin and Ushna Shah are newlyweds whose dream wedding has gone popular on social media. Ushna is a very accomplished and gorgeous actress who has always stood by her beliefs, and she is adored by millions of followers. She has done excellent plays and has a successful career. Ushna hails from a star-studded family; her mother and sister are both well-known figures in Pakistani entertainment. Hamza, on the other hand, is a golfer who represents Pakistan with pride.

Ushan and Hamza were guests on Nida Yasir’s Shan e Suhoor, where they discussed their marriage, jobs, and their love and respect for each other and their families. Hamza Amin was asked about his thoughts on Ushna working in show business and if he preferred a housewife or a successful lady. He stated that he believes it should be Ushna’s decision, and he will always support it. He went on to say that Ushna is a wonderful actor, and he does not want her talent to go unnoticed; instead, he wants people to appreciate her work.

This is what the couple shared:

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