Sunita Marshall And Hassan Ahmed Reveal Reality Of Showbiz Couples


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Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed are one of Pakistan’s most successful entertainment couples. Sunita was a supermodel who subsequently converted to acting and became a top actress, whereas Hassan Ahmed started out later and made a name for himself in the drama industry. The pair has great solo careers, and their fans like seeing them work together on projects. They have had their ups and downs, but they are one of the few happily married couples in entertainment. They are the parents of two lovely children, and they constantly prioritize their family.

The pair spoke on Life Green Hai and spoke openly about their professional and marital growth. Sunita and Hassan were candid while discussing celebrity weddings. They stated that when two spouses are from the same industry, jealousy and insecurity grow, and anyone who denies this is not telling the truth.

Hassan revealed that at the start of his career when Sunita was already famous, he felt horrible, but he learned to live with these feelings and not let them interfere with his home life. He went on to say that he felt this way until around four years ago when he began to feel better.

This is what the couple shared:

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