How Sultana Siddiqui Banned Legendary Shafi Muhammad Shah


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Sultana Siddiqui is a legend in the Pakistani entertainment business. She is the President of Hum Network and began her career as a director/producer on PTV. She has given Pakistan numerous unforgettable hits. She was a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show, where she discussed her experience and how things changed over time.

Shafi Muhammad Shah is another legend in Pakistan. He had a long career, appearing in almost 500 plays and films. He is a veteran who has worked in both Urdu and Sindhi languages. He died in 2007, yet he remains well-known in the entertainment industry.

Speaking about how artists used to respect producers and directors in the past, Sultana Siddiqui revealed that once Shafi Muhammad was delayed for a shoot, and after waiting for him, she went to PTV management and had him banned because she did not believe in wasting time and failing to meet deadlines. She stated that Shafi Sahab apologized to her and that PTV higher-ups also requested her to forgive him, which she accepted. She stated that there is a lack of respect these days. She stated that today’s stars are very different since they have not gone through the same preparations, work, and experiences.

This is what she said:

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