Shabbir Jan On Teenage Marriage And Losing His Mother


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Shabbir Jan is one of Pakistan’s most popular veterans. He has a decades-long career and has adapted to changing circumstances. He has played several amazing parts and continues to wow everyone with his acting abilities. He has been married twice in his life; his second wife is actress Fareeda Shabbir.

In his interview with Sajid Hasan, Shabbir Jan disclosed that he married at the age of 18. He described himself as a wild youngster since he was frequently hit, and he would leave home for weeks at a time. He once returned from such a journey and married his first wife.

He stated that he was simply thrilled that he was getting married and had no idea what a marriage was at the time. Shabbir has six children from his first marriage. He stated that he was just delighted when his mother informed him that they were marrying him, as he had never been in a relationship. He still doesn’t know whether his father or mother made the decision.

This is what he revealed:

He was really close to his mother. She was the one who constantly encouraged his dreams. He confessed that whenever his father hit him, she would hide him behind her. He was close to his mother till she died and still misses him passionately. He believes everything ended the day he lost her.

This is what he said:

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