How Yasir Hussain Handles Wife’s Superstardom


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Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are a famous pair who have taken the business by storm. Yasir only works on projects he enjoys, but Iqra is currently one of the country’s top stars. Since celebrity marriages have been tough in recent years, many have wondered how Yasir and Iqra have managed to keep their home happy, and Yasir provided some open answers on Iffat Omar’s show.

He shared how he handles his famous wife’s fame. He stated that he is proud of Iqra’s accomplishments and that she is the person who is closest to him. He enjoys her job and believes that “his wife” is receiving all of the attention. He stated that being a stage performer has also helped him stay humble since he does not let jealousy consume him and is content in his path.

Here is what he said:

He also discussed how he offered Iqra his residence in Islamabad after they married. A buddy mentioned that what if she leaves you? Yasir warned him that if his wife left him, that would be a worse sorrow than losing any flat.

This is what Yasir revealed:

He also discussed Iqra’s strength as an actor. He claimed that Iqra can easily play both affluent and poor female parts. This is not simple for everyone, but it helps her be more successful in her craft.

Listen to what Yasir said:

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