Humayun Saeed Gives Reality Check To Stars With Fake Followers


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Humayun Saeed is the most well-known figure in Pakistan’s entertainment sector, having worked as both a celebrity and a successful producer. He has had several hits in his career and is one of the few individuals who has been able to deliver hits at the Pakistan Box Office. Humayun was a guest on Nida Yasir’s Shan e Suhoor, where he spoke openly about his life and profession.

He was questioned about individuals who criticize him for still playing the lead at his age, as well as whether there are any problems around this. Humayun stated that he is not disturbed by such comments. He claimed that those who are below your level would constantly speak negatively about you. He said that when people stop buying tickets to see him, he will know he is no longer a hero.

This is what he said:

He also provided a reality check for many people who consider themselves stars. Humayun said that there are persons with 10 million Instagram followers whose films fail at the box office. He has no idea if those followers are real or not, but genuine fans buy tickets to see you and make an effort to support you in person.

Here is what Humayun said:

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