If I perform Umrah in Ramadan, my luck will open, Rakhi Sawant

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Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is hoping to perform Umrah this year in Ramadan.

She is also fighting a legal battle against her husband Adil Durrani.

Speaking to photographers this morning, she said that she is keen to go to Umrah.

Rakhi said that an application has been submitted for obtaining a visa.

He said that I will spend the month of Ramadan taking care of myself, maybe I will not come for exercise because I have to stay hungry all day.

Rakhi Sawant said that only prayers should be offered during fasting for the whole month.

He said that my Khalid uncle, Waheed brother is making an affidavit from Jamia Masjid so that I can get a visa for Umrah, if I go for Umrah in Ramadan, my luck will be opened.

The actress said that I want to fast properly so that my sins are washed away, I fast, I pray 5 times a day.

Rakhi said that I am related to the above, if I am praying with all my heart, following Islam truthfully, then I will definitely go for Umrah.

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