Imran Abbas Taunts Nadia Khan For Her Negative Reviews On Ehraam E Junoon


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Imran Abbas is a very skilled, beautiful, and well-known Pakistani television and film actor who is also the most popular male star in Pakistan. Imran Abbas has provided several amazing performances in popular dramas including ‘Meri Zaat Zarra E Be Nishan,’ ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat,’ and ‘Koi Chaand Rakh,’. He has also built a sizable worldwide following that supports him on social media. Imran has 8.6 million Instagram followers. His most recent plays include ‘Ehraam E Junoon’ and ‘Tumharey Husn Kay Naam’. Ehraam E Junoon was also a commercial success. The actor will now star in another Green Entertainment drama series alongside Sadia Khan.

Imran Abbas recently appeared on Nadia Khan’s Ramadan broadcast, which she presented for Green Entertainment alongside Aijaz Aslam. Imran Abbas mocked Nadia Khan during the interview for her bad assessments of his most successful drama serial, Ehraam E Junoon.

Imran Abbas responded to Nadia’s inquiry on Ehraam E Junoon’s character, saying, “Although you people tried a lot to bring it down, it still went well. You gave me good scores at the start of the play and were gentle on me, but you were rather critical of the drama later on. “You betrayed me, friend.” After Imran stated his opinions, Nadia Khan admitted that the show was a commercial success.

Imran Abbas also added and recited the phrase, “Muddai Laakh Bura Chahey To Kia Huta hey / no one can stop anyone’s success”. He stated, “We are aware of specific needs for the hit initiatives. We will keep creating such shows, and they will undoubtedly be successful.”

Here’s a link to the video where Imran Abbas discussed his drama:

Also, view a clip of Nadia Khan regarding the drama program Ehraam E Junoon:

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