Why Iqrar Ul Hassan Keeps Qurutulain Above Other Wives


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Iqrar ul Hassan has three wives and has always said that he treats all of them fairly. Qurutlain was the first, Farah was the second, and Aroosa is presently the third wife. All of his spouses have careers, and he has kept distinct lives and residences for all three.

Iqrar was questioned in Shan e Suhoor about how he distributes his time among three women. He stated that he does not believe he needs to schedule days between his three relationships. He merely goes with the flow, like he has done his entire life.

Here is what he revealed:

He talked eloquently about Qurutulain and stated that, as he never distributes his time, Annie would always remain his center of gravity. She is the one who lives with his mother and their son, therefore Qurutulain always comes first. This was also something he informed Farah and Aroosa before their wedding.

This is what Iqrar said:

He also explained why Qurutulain is above all others. He said that she has a great wavelength with his mother, sister, and brother. Annie has always supported him and been at his side through everything, so she has a particular position and will always be number one.

Listen to what he said:

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